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Amazing places and accommodation in Cape Town

cabins citrusdalWhen it comes to figuring out or deciding on a vacation spot or area to stay for the holidays, as well as accommodation in Cape Town, there is something to suit everybody’s needs. It just a question of deciding on how far inland or how close to the coast or beach you want to stay.

If you’re looking for an area or location that is as close to raw nature as you can get, the first place that comes to mind is the Garden Route. The Wilderness bed-and-breakfast is the perfect accommodation in the perfect “back to nature” surroundings that have you feeling like you’re in a luxury hotel right in the middle of the wilderness, hence the name of the town. Its close enough to the bigger town called George, where you can shop for supplies at the mall when you are ready to move on to the next location.

If you really want to feel like you are in the middle of the wilderness, then you will love the solitude and peacefulness of the tree top cabins in Kardouw in Citrusdal. It is a very popular and extremely secluded location, so it’s well advised to book months in advance, maybe even a full year in advance. With a total of five cabins built high up in the trees, it’s the perfect place to go to get back to nature, and away from civilisation. The beauty of the place is that it is family and kid friendly, has free parking, is completely self-catering and is right on the Olifants River. At the water’s edge, there is a raised deck with a massive fire pit where you can cook food, or simply enjoy a summer night in front of a blazing fire. It’s an absolute must for those who adore being surrounded by nature. Continue reading

Best Tips for the Prevention of Acne

natural acne remedyAcne is the kind of common issue that effects people all over the world. Individuals should consider looking at these tips for the purpose of keeping the face clean and preventing acne. You should try various different home remedies for preventing acne before seeking medical advice. Follow these methods and remedies that have shown to be effective for clearing up acne.

Acne no more. The Acne No More system has worked for thousands of people to help them get the results they needed. Acne no more is a holistic guide for treating acne from the inside without the need for creams or medicine.

Keeping the Face Clean

The face should be kept clean as much as possible. Remove the extra oil from the skin, skin cells by exfoliating on a regular basis. A good facial cleanser is generally needed so that the face can be cleaned well. There are many good face wash products on the market, which should help. Once you have washed the face and exfoliated you should pat dry with a clean towel. You should follow this regime and exfoliate daily. Continue reading

The advantages of a healthy diet for weight loss and body

the cruise control diet advantagesWe live in a crazy world today where everything is done at breakneck speed. We rush to do everything from getting up in the morning and getting ready, to get into work, getting home, getting the family fed and then finally crashing for the night, only to start all over again the next day. Nobody takes the time to appreciate not only life, but everything around them from friends and family, to kids and spouses and worst of all, nobody takes the time to relax and take care of themselves anymore. The reason for this, is that we feel there isn’t enough time. It’s because of this unhealthy lifestyle, that most of us have become overweight or obese. Unfortunately, this has overflowed to our children who are learning from our example.

Most people will quite simply state that there simply isn’t enough time to take care of everybody, make sure everything is done and still have time to take care of themselves. We live in world of convenience where because time is our enemy, it’s more convenient to drive-through McDonald’s and pick up the bag full of grease and fake meat and call it a meal. We rely on coffee, sugar, sodas and in some cases cigarettes and booze to get us through the week (or even the day). If there’s not enough time to have a sit down, home-cooked and healthy meal, where is the time to get to the gym?

Fortunately, there are programs available that can slot into even the most hectic lifestyle. And even if you cannot find the time to follow a simple and easy to follow eating program and workout program, you can make simple changes to your diet for it not just you, but the entire family, and include a little bit of family time which can be used as a form of exercise. If you really want to know about a program that can fit into a rough schedule, then look up the cruise control diet review and see for yourself how people who usually have not enough hours in a day to finish anything, still manage to follow the cruise control diet. Continue reading

Unique DIY Woodworking Plans

woodworking from homeTeds woodworking plan is very different to other similar products that are just composed of one plan for one project. The package is one that contains over 1600 woodworking plans with blueprints. There are easy follow to instructions included even for a complete beginner to be able to grasp. The program also includes the lists of requirements and tips for starting a woodworking project from the beginning to the end.  It is designed to be utilized by woodworkers of all different abilities.

Information is included in a step by step guide, to building all different types of woodworking objects and furniture items. Rather that purchasing one plan for a furniture project, this is the program that you will probably want to utilize more as there are so many different variants of woodworking plans that can be used.

This is a relatively low cost way of being able to develop an interest in woodworking. With this system there is access to almost every kind of woodworking plan that might possibly be required. The product offers the inspiration and the necessary guidance required to be successful at making your unique woodworking project. Continue reading

What is Acne Rosacea, how to treat it?

Acne Rosacea also known as acne rosacea is thought to be a condition of acne although strictly it isn’t the same as having acne, although the symptoms are very similar. Acne no more is a holistic way of treating all forms of acne and eliminating symptoms like those of acne rosacea.

Rosacea is mostly seen in adults. With a diagnosis of rosacea there is an appearance of small lumpy spots and small cysts and pustules on the face. There is also redness of parts of the face that resembles that of sunburn. There are often tiny blood vessels that appear just under the skins surface that is visible and mostly not attractive to see.

Facial flushing that occurs and redness and thickening of the skin can accompany the spots that appear. Other symptoms of acne rosacea can be having dry and sore eyes, although these and other symptoms may not all be seen together at the same time.

The cause of rosacea is not exactly known for sure although it is thought that it can be caused through a number of different factors. One of these is thought to be an abnormal response from the immune system.  Other causes of rosacea could be genetic links and also sun damage. Another reason could be leaking blood vessels and different reactions within the skin. These factors can be responsible for causing an inflammatory reaction. There are also concerns that long term use of steroid creams can lead to having rosacea.

Continue reading

The truth behind real diets versus fad diets

raw food benefitsThere is a very big difference between real weight loss programs and fad diets. The problem with fad diets is that they usually are “promoted” by celebrities. While celebrities themselves do not actively promote the diet, the simple fact that they have used it and have lost weight is enough to convince unsuspecting and naive individuals or the validity of these diets. The fact that nobody (famous) is claiming that fat loss programs like The Fat Loss Factor is the reason why they look so good so fast, doesn’t necessarily make them ineffective. It just means that these programs are not that “famous”.

You don’t need to be a scientist to know that the biggest percentage of people sucked into these fad diets are usually adolescent girls or young women. The only reason why they would attempt to try any of these dangerous diets, is because the media has convinced the population that being a certain size is the most attractive. It’s in cases like this that tragedy usually strikes.

There are so many fad diets easily available online. The sad truth is that the “good stuff” is also easily available online, but because they are not usually splashed across the front pages of the newspapers and magazines, they are a lot lesser-known. Some of the most dangerous fad diets around usually come popular because of the celebrity who advertise that they have used them. Celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and her soup diet. Ms Jolie would eat nothing but soup for weeks, and that included breakfast lunch AND dinner. It was reported that Ms Jolie was attempting to survive on less than 500 cal per day on her soup diet. What they neglected to report in the papers and magazines was that Ms Jolie dropped a dangerous amount of weight because of the so-called diet. Continue reading

How to grow taller safely

Girl Measuring Her Father's HeightThere are no magic answers for being able to grow taller and it certainly cannot be accomplished in a short time span. If you are serious about wanting to grow taller than it will mean entirely focusing on working on this aspect by looking at different factors responsible for growing taller.

Your height is mostly decided by genetics and other factors play a part such as the environment and your general overall health. Whilst your height might be influenced by your parents or previous ancestors it does not always follow that you will be the same height as they are. Although where both parents are short there are usually the odds that you will also be short. Learn how to grow taller for idiots with this system.

Make the most of your natural height and ensure that you reach it by taking care of your body. Factors such as smoking and drinking alcohol, taking up weight lifting at an early age and taking steroids can affect your natural height inches that you have the potential to reach. The body also need s regular amounts of sleep as this is where growth hormones repair and build body tissues while at sleep. Ensuring good amounts of sleep are taken is essential for good overall health; a deprivation of sleep is said to impact on someone’s height. A regular sleep pattern of a good 8 hours sleep is thought to be the minimal requirement although this varies according to someone’s age. Sleep helps the mind and body rest and restores muscles and tissues while you are sleeping. Continue reading

Affiliate Marketing – Most Popular Web Based Earning Opportunity

work from homeAffiliate Marketing is a type of marketing technique that has been able to stand the test of time with all the ups and downs seen in the world of web. With emerging trend of smartphones and tablets, affiliate marketing programs have started showing great results in the last couple of years due to ease of internet accessibility. Affiliate marketing is a great tool to promote your business through affiliates. Affiliate marketers post advertisements of different companies on their blog that attract huge number of target audience. As a result, companies are able to make additional sales and increase their revenue. In this process, the affiliate marketers or publishers get paid for the each click that gets converted into a sale. If affiliate marketing is learnt correctly it can lead to a very lucrative business, the wealthy affiliate training platform will teach you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing.

Why Use Affiliate Market System?

In Affiliate marketing you do not have to pay anything unless and until you see results. You only pay when the sale is made and that too according to the amount of the total sale. It is a great way to advertise your products without spending anything from your pocket.

It is a beneficial marketing program for start-ups that do not have enough money or capital to spend on advertising. Due to the ease of accessibility, the usability of internet has increased rapidly. Therefore, giving more room for advertising at affordable costs. Continue reading

Eat healthily for great breasts

natural-breast-enlargementWhen you lose significant amounts of body fat and weight then it is also likely that you will lose fat from the breast tissue as well. This is also the case where weight loss has been rapid through following a radical and restrictive diet which is called crash dieting. These diets are not in the least healthy and can also be harmful to the body. Keeping some body fat within healthy levels is going to give you a more womanly shape and firmer fatty breast tissue. To help with breast improvement in a natural way it is important that you are including improvement natural foods and some lean protein and fats and carbohydrates in your diet. A product called Boost your Bust is also one that is an entirely natural way of increasing your bust size without having to undertake any surgery. The Boost your Bust Natural Program, has shown to be extremely effective among women who have used it.

Phytoestrogens can help the increase in your breast size; these are natural and are present in whole grains, peas, broccoli, cauliflower, dried beans, fruits and soya. These are all great natural great tasting foods that are easy to obtain. These foods that contain herbal components that are essential for the development of the breast and it is similar to the response that occurs in earlier puberty stages in girls where breasts start to become larger. Continue reading

How to fast for muscle

intermittent-fasting-shows-great-resultsEvery single person has different needs when it comes to weight loss or fat loss. There are those that are interested in simply melting away the excess fat on the bodies, then you are those who are interested in firming and toning as well as weight loss or fat loss, but there are also those who want to get rid of the most of their fat good, lean muscle and some are even interested in bodybuilding. Naturally these no such thing as a one size fits all diet plan, but you certainly can customise any diet plan and workout routine to fit your personal needs.

One of these ways and methods of tweaking a workout and eating plan, is called fasting for muscle. Now naturally when people you would fasting, they get a little freaked out. And in all honesty, I can’t really blame them. Fasting sounds terrifying. And if you think about it in the conventional or traditional sense of the word, then yes it is. However, will tell you a little bit more about how you can actually do this without starving to death, feeling like you’re starving to death, lose the fat, and gain whatever muscle tone or muscle bulk you’re after. The best part about all of us, it’s not as scary or as difficult as you might think.

The whole idea behind this whole fasting thing is to be smart about it. First of all the fast for days at a time, at least not at first. Actually no scratch that, first of all you don’t stop fasting straight off the bat, you do a little research like reading this article for instance. When you go about doing it the right way. And the right way is… Continue reading

A sub-tropical holiday in the safari town of Phalaborwa

BushBannerPhalaborwa is situated in the Limpopo province. It is a small town with a close knit community, but is exceptionally beautiful. One of the best things about this little town is that it does not feature a cinema. This is great because it gives you no choice but to enjoy the raw, natural beauty during your South African holiday and tour.

Phalaborwa is right next door to the Kruger National Park, and is in fact the only town in SA that borders the Kruger Park. It really is a wild place; in the evenings the wild pigs roam the streets as do other wild animal like baboons. There is bush all around this pretty little town and you really get the whole “back to nature” feeling here. Now, as mentioned earlier, there is no cinema, but there are the usual SA style take-out restaurants like KFC, Spur and a pizza parlour. However, if you are in the mood for finer dining, then there are a few hotels in the area that offer some of the best cuisine around, like some really interesting game meats. Crocodile, anyone?

The climate is quite agreeable all year round with the winters reaching a low of 11 degrees at night and 24 degrees during the day, while in the summer time it ranges between 20 and a scorching 47 degrees during the day. It stays humid almost 100% of the time and the area has very little rainfall.

Phalaborwa is originally a mining town. The Palabora Mining Company is still there today. The humongous mining mine is almost 2000 meters wide, and is Africa’s biggest manmade hole. It is still operational.

There are a whole lot of different game farms and private reserves in and around the area, all within a day’s drive and visit. Some of these reserves feature hotels and one even has an amazing golf range, with accommodation dotted around the course. It’ is very beautiful. This hotel is called the Hans Merensky Hotel and Spa and allows day visitors at the hotel for dinner or to enjoy a round of golf, or even just to sit at one of the stunning bars on the grounds and simply enjoy the quiet, peaceful atmosphere.
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Make Venus Factor work for your body type

Weight-Loss-Results-With-Venus-FactorWe are all born different, from how we behave to how we look.  Our body types are not the same, even among similarly sized women.  We are unique, and our genetics require an even more unique approach when it comes to diet and exercise.  Every woman, regardless of her body type, can achieve the ultimate in feminine perfection if she knows how to do so.  Men throughout time itself, have proven that the statue of Venus lives up to the ideal for female beauty and health.  Men are just as likely as women to judge by appearance, and he wants the woman who will bear his children to shine with good health. This figure is admired throughout time by both men and women.

This statue is unique because it does not show women that are overdeveloped, with bulging muscles or a sectionied tummy.  It also does not depict a more curvaceous figure, carrying around excess weight.  It appears to be gentle, sweet and smooth.  It is the essence of femininity itself.  It carries weight in the places that are inherent to being a woman, without appearing overly heavy, and it is not bony anywhere either.  Modeling in today’s world has given women the wrong perception of what a man looks for in a woman.  It is simply showing women as something that 99% of us could never hope to attain.  It is also distinctly unhealthy to maintain a body in that way.  It suggests from other women, that we are to look this way in order to be seen as perfect.  The media are wrong in their approach, and much further from the ideal figure that men desire, and that good health suggests.  The Venus Factor helps by showing you how to get to this perfect body, so that your health can be seen, not just felt. Continue reading

Keep your head straight this holiday season, but enjoy!

eat-stop-eat-resultsThe holiday season has begun and soon the parties will start and all that food will be set out and temptation will set in. This is all fine and well, as long you keep your head on straight. You will be able to negotiate the holiday season with relative ease if you do.

Nobody wants to diet during the Silly Season! You want to be able to let loose just a bit, and you should. You have been good all year (or almost, like me) so a little indulgence won’t hurt. But how do you do this AND still manage to follow a good system at the same time? Well, it can be a bit tricky, but with a little tweaking, it can be done. Our Eat Stop Eat review will give you some quality information on how this can be achieved.

Alright, for those who are new to this topic and have no clue what I’m talking about, let me explain just a bit what eat stop eat is. Eat stop eat is a diet program that allows you to fast for a few hours or days depending on how experienced you are with this practice. It is not fasting in the traditional sense like the Muslims do at Lent, but rather a controlled eating method that is a life style change and not actually a diet.

Muslims and others fast for religious reasons and are extremely strict about how they go about it. Eat stop eat style fasting is not nearly as strict and is a lot easier to do and follow through with because you are only fasting for around 12 hours when you start out at first. As you get used to going without food for so many hours, you can build up your tolerance by pushing your fasting time to 24 hours. As you get used to it, you can go as long as 3 days without eating, however, even someone who has been doing this for ages will tell you to never exceed 3 days. Continue reading

Great reasons to use Earth 4 Energy

green-energyEarth4energy is one of many D.I.Y. user manuals for building your own solar and wind power for your home. It has grown hugely in popularity over the last year or so and claims to be able to save you tons of money on your electricity bill every month. It is an illustrated textbook or hand book with step by step instructions on how to go about building your own solar panels for your home or wind turbines. But then again, why not build both? This way you get the best of both worlds.

This eBook is a 73 page manual with drawings written by Michael Harvey and it also comes with video tutorials to show you one step at a time what to do and how. Not only will building your own power systems save you money but will also help save the environment as well. It certainly can use all the help it can get.

Purchasing this product is money well spent and will pay for itself within a year, but it is also time well spent because of the cost savings involved. The book does go into detail on how to build your own personal power or electricity source. It is a well put together package that is very easy to understand and the directions are simple to follow. It is written in plain English with no confusion to the user, so is not geared toward those technical freaks who already know the ins and outs of building turbine engines and the like. This is written so that we simple folk can understand since it is written in layman’s terms. But it is a great tool to help you economize your life. Continue reading

Food ideas for losing fat quickly

juice-dietIf you are a woman and live anywhere near the beach, you know what spring means. Time to get rid of the winter blubber! Hibernation time is over and it’s time to hit the gym, and hard. It also means that you need to cut back on all those rich foods and puddings and start eating a more waistline friendly diet. There are a million different techniques and methods on how to lose weight fast but now is the time to stop going with what is trending, a.k.a. fad diets, and start living and eating healthy. In this article will give a few different tips and ideas on just how to do that, and maybe even a suggestion on a really god diet or two. We shall see.

For us women the most common areas of complaint are hips, thighs, belly and buttocks. Of course everyone knows that there is no diet, eating plan or exercise that will or can target these areas specifically. And if anyone tells you different, they are flat out lying to you. The exact same thing goes for creams or scrubs or localizes skin treatments. They won’t work either. Sorry ladies, but it’s the cold hard truth here today.

What I can tell you is that there are a few things you can do to help those areas while toning up the rest of your body at the same time. You have heard of the term “super foods” now and again and read them in Cosmo and other magazines, right? Well, those actually do exist. Happy days! Now they can’t magically make fat disappear, but they certainly can help. Continue reading

Texting and dating; how they work together

magnetic-messagingIn this the 21st century, even children have cell phones now. Kids 10 years old or younger know more about technology these days than a lot of adults. This is the age of everything electronic and cell phones are no exception. So guy, men, dudes, gentlemen, or whatever you like to be called, heads up! Because this is also how dating is conducted. A scary thought, but oh so true!

Dating via text or if you want to be more fancy, magnetic messaging. What the heck has the world come to when even something as personal as dating or meeting new people is done with a stupid cell phone! It’s ludicrous, but there it is. I suppose for anyone born between say 1998 and 2000 dating via texting is normal, but for us fogies born between the 70’s and late 80’s, it is just a strange concept. Gone are the days when you could talk, with your mouth, using words, to another actual person who would respond in the same manner. I mean kids today (anyone born after I left high school is a kid to me) are quite at home going to a party then standing around or even in a circle and text each other instead of actually talking! I have seen this. There is photographic evidence that this actually happened and still does! It’s creepy! People just don’t know how to be social anymore and that is a sad fact.

So then why write an article about texting and how to get a date using it? Well because that’s the only way you know how to communicate anyway, so fight fire with fire. Continue reading

The costs of achieving the perfect “V” shape

Adonis-CoupleEvery man has the dream of having the perfect body. The taught thighs, sculpted abs, toned arms and back and killer calves. Perfect. Most men are looking for that shape, the V shape that looks so good with a tan or under a nice t-shirt. So how do you get it?

The Adonis golden ratio review, that’s how you get that perfect man shape. “Why this?” you ask. Well think about it for just a second. Who was Adonis? He was the god of beauty (for men) and desire. Who wouldn’t want to look like him?! He was a hot gorgeous dude. Most chicks dig that stuff and the few women who don’t just prefer the cute and cuddly types. That’s cool too.

Ok next question. What is the golden ratio? Well it is the science behind the perfect body. It applies the parts of the body that size can be controlled and is of course the most visible, like the waist-to-shoulder measurement. Broad shoulders imply strength and virility which of course makes you more attractive to the fairer sex. Of course, by having the broad shoulders, you should have the narrower hips and waist to achieve this V shaped Adonis look. So again, what is the golden ratio? It is 1.6:1 (shoulders to waist). Continue reading

How superior singing method can strengthen your singing voice

Shower-singingYou know how it is. You LOVE to sing. Your favourite song comes on the radio and you want to sing along with it but there are other people within earshot, so you don’t. You want to go and sing Karaoke but you are terrified of what you will sound like to other people. The only place you feel comfortable singing is in the car when you are alone or when you are in the shower and there house is empty. Either you are tone deaf or just can’t sing in tune or you are too shy and so your voice is “weak”. Whatever your reason, you don’t sing out loud when other people might accidently hear you. Have no fear for superior singing method is here!

Cheesy? Yeah. True though? HELL yeah. Loads of people are like you. They wanted to sing all their lives but were either too shy, too nervous, think they can’t sing, think they have a weak voice, think they can’t carry a tune, hit the high notes or low ones or simply think they are tone deaf so they don’t even try. You are probably being way too hard on yourself, but if you are one of the unlucky few who really can’t sing, then this could help. Also remember this; even the best singers in the world need voice training on a regular basis to keep their voice in tip top shape. It’s all about practice, exercising the voice and training it. This singing method training program will help you be the best singer you can be.

In order for you to be able to sing (and love it) and even allow others to listen to you sing and enjoy your singing, you will have to learn a few very basic exercises to strengthen your voice and improve your stamina of your vocal cords. These voice exercises will in due course lead to an improved singing voice and also help you to achieve a performer’s stamina with complete control over your voice and vocal abilities and range. This will make you a far stronger singer and you can be assured that your voice is in tune and people will love to hear you sing. Continue reading

Use this awesome trick to avoid those awkward silences

Does this sound familiar at all…?
FMK-seductionYou are having a conversation with a girl, a real conversation with a stunning girl, and she is having a great time with you, laughing and joking around, all smiles and it is obvious that she is showing some real interest in you as you chat. But your insecurities start creeping up on you and you can literally FEEL that agonizing moment coming, in fact you can actually see it approach. And then it strikes with stunning devastation. “IT” happens. You are suddenly left standing with nary a word to say, gaping like a beached Guppy. Your mind scrambles frantically for something to say, to be able to respond to her, but your mind is as blank as a freshly painted white wall! And then worse than anything on the planet (at that moment) you can literally see her lose interest in you as the conversation grinds to a screeching halt. Faster than yo can say “wipe out!” her interest has withered away to mild confusion and growing unease around you. You suddenly start to look weird.

So how do you go about salvaging the attraction and bring the conversation back to life? You pull out every game plan you ever had, every trick and gimmick, and come up with nothing. Relax. I have a secret to tell you. The secret weapon that Josh STILL uses (he wrote the book called “The Tao of Badass” if you want all the tricks and tips) to save a flagging conversation. This trick is GUARANTEED to save any conversation with girls because of the way it was created. It allows for a little sexual innuendo (without being obvious) that plants a seed at just the right time while staying within the boundaries of a normal and fun conversation. He calls this game “FMK” and it is about to become your greatest weapon.

When you use the FMK (f**k, marry or kill) game, then any flaccid conversation will instantaneously be saved. You WILL soar over and beyond the average losers who try approaching her with the usual boring or typical pick up lines and stale conversation starters. Continue reading

Let’s talk about your acne

talk-about-acneIf you are a sufferer of acne you will know that you most probably have the most common form of it which is known as acne vulgaris or can be just called simple acne. Although acne is clearly far from being simple as it is the cause of many other physical and psychological problems. The causes of acne and why some of us develop it and others don’t is an unsolved mystery. The fact is if you have acne then you will mostly want to find a cure for it because it is unsightly and can affect your feeling of wellness by lowering self-esteem. Acne no more is a holistic no nonsense approach to combatting acne.The program looks at treating acne without the use of taking medicines or the applications of creams.

Whilst acne commonly appears to be related to the changing of hormones it cannot be completely the case, as all teenagers would have be extremely spotty and they are not. So whether your acne began as a teenager you may not know the reasons why it happened to you. Where acne continues and is not effectively treated then it can cause scarring of the skin. Scarring can be disfiguring and cannot be eradicated only covered up with concealers. Acne can be responsible for you feeling depressed and you may not have a social life because of your feelings towards how you look to others.

It is recommended that acne is treated at an early stage to avoid complications and scarring from happening. When you have acne there are some initial treatments methods that your doctor may want to prescribe.  Most doctors will see acne as being a skin disorder and will want to treat it with tablets and perhaps topical creams. The treatments most of you will be offered as a first line of treatment are topical creams that contain benzoyl peroxide. The cream can sometimes be used alongside taking oral antibiotics and is said that it can be used without worrying that bacteria will become resistant to it as antibiotics can do, Antibiotics are often not given unless it is necessary to treat your acne as when used frequently they will eventually not work due to bacterial resistance. Continue reading